Through the TF Call Meeting, all members of the Task Force and Action Council will discuss the preparation of the draft Policy Paper.


The Policy Paper is the main deliverable of each B20 Task Force and Action Council. The Policy Paper outlines the policy recommendations and specific policy actions agreed by the Task Force and Action Council members on the world's most important economic agendas that are to be delivered to the G20 leaders.


The B20 Secretariat is responsible for ensuring that the contents of the Policy Papers are well incorporated into the B20 Recommendations Summary of the Final Communique. The Policy Papers will be attached to the Final Communique as annexes.


Each Policy Paper will outline the priorities of each Task Force or Action Council. The Chair of each Task Force or Action Council will outline the main challenges, concerns, and objectives of their respective Task Force or Action Council in the foreword of the paper.


The recommendation section of the paper is usually structured to clearly communicate the following items, including an executive summary, global context and latest development on the specific policy area, and how the policy recommendations that are offered by the Task Force or Action Council fit into the global economic and G20 agenda. 

Excellent policy papers comprise a number of clear policy recommendations (indicatively four to five) that are detailed into specific, concrete, and actionable policy actions (indicatively four to five). Each policy action is typically directed to certain actors, be it governments, international organizations, or other target entities. When applicable, each policy action should indicate a clear timeline of its acknowledgment, approval, endorsement, or execution.

June 27 - July 04, 2022
07:00 pm Jakarta/Asia
Online Meeting