The Trade and Investment Task Force is organizing a public dialogue forum between the G20 ministers and global stakeholders including leaders from both business and industry associations of the G20 countries as well as public representatives. The dialogue will be conducted on 23 September 2022 in Labuan Bajo, Indonesia.


This dialogue aims to raise awareness around how trade and investment can propel global recovery, economic growth, and development. We have designed the event to report and promote strategic discussion around the actionable policy recommendations developed in the course of the B20 cycle by the Trade and Investment Task Force.


We have formulated four recommendations to be presented and discussed during the B20-G20 Dialogue. The recommendations are as follows:

1. Promote open, fair, inclusive, and efficient post-pandemic global trade and investment multilateral governance, including through reforming the World Trade Organization
2. Facilitate innovation, digitalization, and technology adoption to support international development and mitigation of future global crises
3. Amplify support to attain inclusivity in global supply and value chains
4. Make trade and investment impactful drivers for a greener and more sustainable development in line with Sustainable Development Goals


The B20 – G20 Public Dialogue will be attended by global business leaders along with ministers from Indonesia and other G20 countries. G20 Ministers will deliver remarks and pre-panel speeches to share thoughts on the B20 recommendations from the policy maker’s perspectives.


The core of the event will be on the panel sessions where our Task Force leadership, representing prominent multinational corporations, global business leaders, and G20 Working Group representation will discuss key highlights of each recommendation which is then followed by Q&A session from the audience.

September 23 - September 23, 2022
03:00 pm Jakarta/Asia
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